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Can anyone explain the answer?

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A will be answer
All three will be impacted due to PS.

Internal frag will be there , Page table size depends on number of pages and no. of pages depends on PS., Due to lesser or greater miss, PF rate is also depends on it.
page fault will effected because ,If the page size is very small , then ordinarily a large number of pages will be available in main memory for process,which after some time will contain portions of process near recent references leading to low page fault rate.

As the size of page is increased, each individual page will contain locations further and further from any particular recent reference. Thus, the effect of the principle of locality is weakened and the page fault rate begins to rise

internal fragmentation will be

but having one doubt how page table size be effected it depend on number of pages and page entry size
If page table size=page size then no further level of multipaging required so definitely page size affect page table size

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1. if page ize would be equal to the frame size then there would not be Internal Fragmentation

2. for smaller page size there would be more pages for the given process and it leads to the more number of page table entry.

3.larger  pages size favour  spatial locality ....chance of less page fault

by Loyal (8k points)

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