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The r ’s compliment of an n-digit decimal number N in base r is defined for all values of N except for N = 0. If the given number is (247)9, then its 9’s compliment will be equal to ( _____ )9.

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If base is r and you need to find r's complement then first find (r-1)'s complement.

Follow these steps:-

1. Subtract each digit of the given number from (r-1).

Here r=9 so r-1=8. Subtract 247 from 888 to get 641.

2. Then add 1 to it. 641+1=642

You can verify it for binary numbers, r=2. Say N=1011 then 1's complement is 0100. How we get it? By subtracting each digit drop from 1. So 1111-1011=0100. And add 1 so 2's complement becomes 0101.
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