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Problem:- here Johnson counter initial state is 101 but 3-bit jhonson counter isequence is like this...(000 100 110 111 011 001)

asked in Digital Logic by Boss (5.6k points) | 63 views
i am getting 7 .. is it correct
getting $7$ as answer
Solution please,

@saxena @Anu sir.
yes 7 is correct...explain please..

1 Answer

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$T$ Flipflop sequence $1\rightarrow0\rightarrow1\rightarrow0\rightarrow1\rightarrow0 $ so $Q'=1$ enabled

$Johnson$ Counter : $101\rightarrow010\rightarrow101\rightarrow010\rightarrow101\rightarrow010(Q_2Q_1Q_0)$

$Ring$ Counter : $1010\rightarrow0101\rightarrow1010\rightarrow0101\rightarrow1010\rightarrow0101(Q_3Q_2Q_1Q_0)$

$\{f,b,d\}$ are enabled. making $7$ as decimal value.
answered by Veteran (10.3k points)
thank u

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