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Who ___________ was coming to see us this evening?

  1. you said
  2. did you say
  3. did you say that
  4. had you said
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why not c any one exlain

4 Answers

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"Who ___________ was coming to see us this evening?"

So, someone is coming this evening (future tense)

About this you "had said about" (past tense)

So, correct option will be "Who did you say" was

The subject here is "who" - and he/she is coming to see us. So, adding "that" gives a wrong meaning to it.

Correct option: B "did you say"
answered by Veteran (406k points)
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Answer should be B.
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Only (B) makes sense, others don’t fit.
answered by Active (2.3k points)
why not D ?
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(B) is the answer. We have to check the compatibility of the tenses.

This is a simple sentence given in the question form. 

A) "Who you said was coming to see us this evening?" - "you said " is past tense and "was coming" is past progressive tense. so, (A) is wrong here.

C)"Who did you say that was coming to see us this evening?" - "Who" refers to the subject(He/She) and "that" refers to the object. so, (C) is wrong here.

D)""Who had you said was coming to see us this evening?"- "was coming" is past progressive tense and "had you said" is past perfect,(D) is wrong here.

answered by Boss (39.7k points)
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Which sentence in past tense?
Sir option $(B)$ is most appropriate.
yes, but is your reason correct?
Now I understand.
"did" and "was" - two verb in one sentence? How this possible?

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