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Match the columns.

$$\begin{array}{l|l}\hline \textbf{Column 1}  &  \textbf{Column 2 } \\\hline \text{1. eradicate} & \text{P. misrepresent}\\\hline \text{2. distort} & \text{Q. soak completely}\\\hline \text{3. saturate} & \text{R. use}\\\hline \text{4. utilize} & \text{S. destroy utterly}\\\hline  \end{array}$$

  1. $\text{1:S, 2:P, 3:Q, 4:R}$
  2. $\text{1:P, 2:Q, 3:R, 4:S}$
  3. $\text{1:Q, 2:R, 3:S, 4:P}$
  4. $\text{1:S, 2:P, 3:R, 4:Q}$
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2 Answers

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  • eradicate - destroy completely - The health department eradicated swine flue within a month. 
  • distort - give a misleading account - The policeman distorted the facts after taking bribe.
  • saturate - cause something to become so soaked in water so that no more water can be absorbed - The saturation point of any oil decreases with temperature.
  • utilize - make use of - He utilized the available resources and topped the exam.

So, correct option is A.

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Answer is A

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