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$S_{2}$ and $S_{3}$?

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s2  and s3  are true  ,  s1 false  

answered by Veteran (14.7k points)
can u plz explain .....about S2

if f(n) $\leq$ g(n) then 2f(n) $\leq$ 2g(n)

 sumit goyal 1 explain S1 please 

@Mk Utkarsh   only way to do is to solve more no. of examples as possible i follow this method only and with help of past experience i solve it ,  let f(n) = $\frac{1}{n}$   , $(f(n))^{2} = \frac{1}{n^2}$

$\frac{1}{n} \neq O( \frac{1}{n^2})$  take very large values of n its failing , since we find atleast one function which dont satisy  option a false

oh thanks  :D

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