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Please Explain in detail

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If you are wondering why it is getting multiplied by 32, it is because we can use the 5 address bits for instruction in 25 ways.

2 add will be 6 bit

1 add will be 11 bit 

0 add will be 16 bit.

Thank  you so much. Yeah I was stuck at that point only.

Why do we need to calculate the number of free opcodes ? What do we get from that ? I saw this in another question as well.. I am sorry, this maybe a trivial question for you people, but I am really a novice in COA.

One more thing.. Since the 0-address instruction doesn't use the address field, then why do we need to multiply the number of free opcodes (obtained after 1-address instructions) by 32 ?

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given it is 16 bit instruction format means no of en codings will be 2^16

5 bits are reserved for address field

so  en codings for 2 2 address instructions will be 2^5*2^5*2=2048

      en codings  for 1024 1 address instructions will be 2^5*1024=2^15=32768

then en codings for 0 address instructions will be=(total en codings-(en codings for 2 address+en codings for 1 address)


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