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the sequence is shown, the element at the lowest level?

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What sequence is shown ? We have to infer that from diagram? Like inorder traversal ?
Means in the given tree which of the element in the lowest level?

Actually, I have doubt to find the which one is lowest level

root node (level 1) // is it lowest? (By number is it looking lowest)

leaf node in (last level) // is it lowest?
bro that depends on type of question actually ....and in standard question they have given every think ....

Usually level 0 is considered as the root node. And down the tree, level increases..but as hs said, definition of level ,height etc are usually given in the gate question.

please consider this question..


okay..there is a confusion regarding the term level. I searched it now. Some are saying root node is in the highest level like this one:

While wiki is saying root is at level 1 and it increases as we go down.

See this picture:

So they should have mentioned it in the question :/ .

I guess to solve this Q, no way is there other than taking help from the options. Like 69 and 83 are in the same level. Both can't be true together. So eliminated. 65 is not in the extreme end of the tree i.e. neither a root nor a leaf. so can't be the low'est' one. Left is 67 :P

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