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An ACK number of 1000 in TCP always means that

  1. 999 bytes have been successfully received
  2. 1000 bytes have been successfully received
  3. 1001 bytes have been successfully received
  4. None of the above
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in TCP  ,ack no. tells which value is next expected to be sent.. so all above options are wrong... 

answer is option "d" none of these

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Ack no in Tcp tells which byte it is expecting next to receive...If intial sequence was from.1 then ack no of 1000 means 999 bytes successfully received  if it was 0 then ack no of 1000 means 1000 bytes(0-999) received correctly  but nothing about intial sequence no is given in ans is d
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as initial sequence number is random number.

we can't tell what is the ACK 1000 in TCP , as it depends on initial random sequence number.

so answer is none of the above
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Since intial sequence number is not given that's why we can say that option-D will be right option for it.Now in the absence of inialt sequence number it can be any random number becz of the rule of TCP.
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If ISN = 1, then ACK number = 1000 would mean 999 bytes delivered.

If ISN = 0, then ACK number = 1000 would mean 1000 bytes delivered.

Option C is never possible because ISN can't be negative.


ACK number x simply means that the receiver now expects the xth byte.

Total delivered bytes OF A SESSION would be calculated by subtracting ISN from the ACK number. (New Session = New ISN)

Option D is correct.

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