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This may seem trivial

I'm scoring little less in Made-easy than what I'm scoring in other Test series.

Is made-easy test closer to actual gate difficulty?Or they are just trying to make it difficult.

Overall. I want to know so that I'm ready for tough paper too.

I'd appreciate any experiences or suggestion
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What other tests are you taking?

I have also enrolled for two test series.. Gateforum and Madeeasy..and I feel a remarkable difference in the level of difficulty between these two.

I am appearing for gate for the 1st time and am not at all experienced to comment on it.

However I can say what my senior has told.. he appeared for gate 2016 and took only Gateforum tests that year.. ended up getting 1000 rank( approx)

Next year i.e. 2017 he took Madeeasy test series and again got rank within 300-400.

There was another senior who appeared in 2016, took only Gateforum tests( as far as I know) and got rank within 130.
It totally depends how efficient an idividualare solving 2 marks questions(They make huge difference according to me).

I've taken Madeeasy,Testbook and Gateforum test series.

Among these Madeeasy is slight difficult,In latter two test series one can score easily and get the illusion of being prepared well.
Yes..I have heard that 2 marks questions make a lot of difference and the gate people are increasing those types of questions( I mean those numerical types)
no to paper are same in gate also...last year set 1 which I appeared was a tricky one....but set 2 I just solved 2 days back....its much easier....I feel madeasy paper is not symmetric....1 mark questions are sometimes tougher than 2 marks...some 1 mark question are overtly lengthy like tracing out entire TM sequence 1 mark.There is a difference in conceptual and lengthy set 1 last year was not lengthy but highly conceptual.

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