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From what I understood is that M: N relationship means (Many to Many).

And according to rules, Strong entities, each multivalued attributes, and many-to-many relationships requires a separate table.

Hence here we will require new table which will have an attribute as KEYS of both M and N.

But the KEYS included will be foreign keys or primary keys?

If keys will acts as foreign keys then, does that mean newly created table would not have any primary key?

And if someone can briefly and with example explain foreign keys(I always get confused)?

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Option C is  correct 

whatever a new relation formed it will take primary key of both the relation and acts as FOREIGN KEY  of newly made relation 

BOTH the primary key that acts as foreign key of newly made relation combined to form PRIMARY key for newly made relation

NOTE: BOTH KEY acts as FOREIGN KEY AS separate but when combined acts as PRIMARY KEY

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