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Hi Guys,

How one should prepare for UGC - NET exam computer science ? Lot of stuff is available but if someone can point out some good study material and source for all previous year question paper then it will be really helpful  ?

I think for Paper 2 some help could be taken from GATE study material but from where one should prepare for Paper 1 ?
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syllabus given in website is outdated (it is decade old)  there is no elective as such now

and from this session july 18 they have completely changed the exam pattern

now only 2 papers are there

  paper 1  50 questions   100 marks    time 1 hr

  paper 2 100 questions   200 marks   time  2hr

more details about new syllabus and exam pattern are awaited (most probably from 1st feb they will upload it)

prev yrs question papers are available on cbse/ugcnetonline website(with anskey) and also in (with detailed ans)

read std books for diff subjects . never  go for single book (like arihant , upkar ,trueman etc )

Thank you @Devshree Dubey and @Sanjay Sharma  ji. But just one question there is no limit for GK and GA. So how can we prepare for mainly paper-1 in little bit focused way ?

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Actually as Sir has pointed above, the exam pattern underwent a serious change. So for more updates you can refer the official cbse ugc NET website. Paper 3 has been removed. The updated syllabus will be up on website soon. Now for Paper 1 I don't feel much change will be there but it has topics as Research Aptitude,Teaching Aptitude, Indian Polity,Comprehension, People and Environment,Reasoning as well. Only a slight change here. As per subject questions GateOverFlow is more than enough coz in previous syllabus it was vast, a few direct questions and some from the subjects. So if you've been studying for GATE you can easily crack UGC NET too,just that d wait for Syllabus of CS Paper is intense. Paper 1 is of general nature. Therefore,current GK and GA is must. I hope this helps. I m another aspirant aas you are. If you too find any information and update do share.
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