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  1. Let G be a non abelian group, order of G can be
    1.   24
    2.   44
    3.   54
    4.   34
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1 Answer

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break all the number in there prime factor and refer this

24 will be the answer & every group of order p^2 is abelian so 44 will be discarded and  for rest option refer the link  

by Active (2k points)

what value of p gives  p2 =44?

and the explanation there i have quoted here

Suppose p divides q−1 then there is a unique nonabelian group of order pq,obviously upto isomorphism.

option 2 => 54

can be written as 2 * 33

p =27 and q-1 = 2-1 =1

27 divides 1 so 54 can be order of non abelian right

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