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What is mean here by word size=4 Byte ?

Please solve the below question

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Word addressable. Which means 224 words is the physical address memory not bytes.

But please someone solve this question. The solution given is not clear.


..let node down all the parameter first...

physical address is 24 bits...

line/block size=128byte/4=32word=25   .word

tag memory size is....211  bytes or 29 word  ...

physical address partision...

offset       tag      Set

5               x         19-x

then tag memory size is...=tag*lines

          x*219-x+4 bits/ 4byte  = 29word  

          x*219-x+4-3-2=18-x  word=.29word    

         x*218-x  29  ...(problem how to decide the value of x..)

vale of x=13..then answer would not matched....

case 2:- 

if we assume that tag memory = equal to 2tag bits    ....

that is also not matching with given scenario...

:- Note:- in my openion this question having lack of information

Yes after converting everything to word addressible i also got stuck where @hs is! Because that equation can’t be solved! :( lack of information or questions arrangement is wrong i guess

Thank you @ hs_yadav and @ Ashwin Kulkarni

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how to calculate cache m/m size? and tag m/m size
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