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Plz explain ??

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If possible (detail explanation ).. not directly answer. So that I could understand it clearly and could solve in future..
complete graph of 6 vertices has 15 edges

given graph has 7 edges so complement has 15-7=8 edges
I think u have used :-

Sum of degree of all vertices= 2*No of edges

Given:- 14=2E , so E=7

For complete graph with six vertices:-

6*5=2E , so E =15

Hence no of edges in G complement =15-7=8...


Thanks .. I got it...

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Degrees are (5,2,2,2,2,1)

take (n-1) 6-1 =5 and subtract from the degree
(0,3,3,3,3,4) this will be degree sequence of complement ..

sum of degrees is 16=2e

so no of edges are 8
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I have understood this que by some other method , but I  didn't understand this. Plz explain little bit more...
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