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$\underset{\text{I}}{\underline{\text{While trying to collect}}}$ an envelope $\underset{\text{II}}{\underline{\text{from under the table,}}}$ $\underset{\text{III}}{\underline{\text{Mr. X fell down}}}$ and $\underset{\text{IV}}{\underline{\text{was losing consciousness.}}}$

Which one of the above underlined parts of the sentence is NOT appropriate?

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
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3 Answers

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Answer D.
While trying to collect an envelope from under the table, Mr. X fell down and  was losing consciousness.

A :Mr. X is trying to collect an envelope from under the table (Present continuous tense)
B :Mr. X fell down (Simple past tense)
C :Mr. X was losing consciousness. (Past continuous tense)

While A, B and C

What is wrong is the usage of sentences B and C together.

"We use the past continuous tense with the simple past tense when we want to show that one thing happened in the middle of another thing."
eg-I was taking a bath and the telephone rang.

Here it says..
"Mr. X fell down and  was losing consciousness."

i.e B is done.. and C starts. Where as the usage says.. C should have happened in the middle of B.

It should have been Mr. X fell down and  lost consciousness.

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awsome explanation.
Can anyone tell me one thing-

"from under" the table is correct? it should be either from or under
from (a place) under the table. Sometimes, implicit things direct the stick. I believe, "from under the table" is correct only.
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D. does not fit this sentence.  Was is past tense.  Losing is in the present.  The two words do not go together.  Was Losing should be replaced with "Lost"
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Here, part IV is incorrect. "was losing consciousness" shows the continuous process of losing consciousness, but he was not in the process, rather he just lost consciousness. So, the correction is " was losing consciousness "  → " lost consciousness ". 

Thus, IV is the correct choice. 

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