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I am not sure that i can ask this question here or not but let me ask!!!

Anyone 2019 serious GATE aspirant residing in "Kolkata" if interested for "Group Study" (self not coaching) who already has prepared for GATE 2018 please comment below!!! I need a Study Buddy !!!

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Yes..I want to do group study and from contac no is 8274866596..
Hi sunny....I am replying here since you disabled private messages.Right now I am in bit of dilemma.I have some experience so I can try to get back to industry but problem is then hopes are almost over for higher studies.Also I have forgot a little bit on technical skills while leaving job and preparing for gate for last 5 months.I will be trying to IIIT-H and BITS but my morality after poor performance in gate is really effecting my mind.I think there are 3 options for us...1)Join some college based on the valid gate scorecard and prepare for next year in free time.Best option near Kolkata is JU(difficult to get with low score),CU(they will have their own entrance exam,faculty are good but forget about placements),Kalyani university (faculty are good,forget placements and expect worse peer group) 2) Try some coaching institutes since we already know basics and engg students from pvt colleges hardly know half of the concepts.Can get some money and enough free time to prepare next year. 3) Join MNC if you have experience or as fresher.But difficult to manage time since it does becomes hectic sometimes.Nowadays companies are going to rough time and always in firing mood.

Last option prepare solely for GATE one more year full.Not advisable looking at the sudden change of GATE paper pattern,no one knows what happens on that single day,if you go wrong again back to square one.To sum it up,if you are planning to do Phd try old government colleges,central colleges,JNU will also have entrance in sep-oct, join there in mtech and try for gate next year,if good then leave or else continue the program and try to do Phd or post-doc from outside India.If you have no job experience,suggested is to join good MNC and atleast take 2 years exprnc then try gate or try simulatenously while working.More option for less than 1 year exprnc people..try for CDAC pg diploma course,placements are excellent you can land in product company,entrance test in June-July.Or else if you have enough money or you are bold enough to take a hefty loan give GRE try to go abroad,everyone will try that only,research/higher studies in India sucks big time.
Thanks a ton for a detailed reply Surajit !!

I was pretty much sure about preparing for gate 1 more year but this 2018 Question paper pattern brings me in a big doubt, if on that very day of 2019 my exam goes wrong what after that? i will end up wasting 1 year !!! So i am trying for job but surely will not leave my GATE preparation, will continue because with out GATE,  product companies seems to me next to impossible !!
you are welcome...job experience even service level 2 years is very much necessary..if you are just starting as fresher in mnc absolutely no pressure in companies like tcs where if you are lucky you can enjoy some bench period...enough time to prepare...

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The best place for doing effective group study is at NATIONAL LIBRARY Kolkata

Timings are 9am to 8pm

I regularly visit it

Interested people can also come

Many gate aspirants from different branches come here to study

Interested people WhatsApp me


Membership is free of cost

AC reading rooms with pin drop silence and free WiFi

Laptops are also allowed

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