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The ratio of male to female students in a college for five years is plotted in the following line graph. If the number of female students in $2011$ and $2012$ is equal, what is the ratio of male students in $2012$ to male students in $2011$?

  1. $1:1$
  2. $2:1$
  3. $1.5:1$
  4. $2.5:1$
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C) 1.5 : 1


$m{_1}$ = no of male students
$f{_1}$ = no of female students



$m{_2}$ = no of male students
$f{_2}$ = no of female students


Given : $f{_1}=f{_2}=f$

So , $\dfrac{m{_1}}{f}=1$    and   $\dfrac{m{_2}}{f}=1.5$
$f=\dfrac{m{_1}}{1}$      and   $f=\dfrac{m{_2}}{1.5}$

Both the equations can be equated..

$\dfrac{m{_1}}{1} =\dfrac{m{_2}}{1.5}$

Ratio of male students in 2012 to male students in 2011 $\Rightarrow \dfrac{m{_2}}{m{_1}} =\dfrac{1.5}{1} = 1.5 : 1$

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