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Given a language $L$, define $L^i$ as follows:

$$L^0 = \{ \varepsilon \}$$

$$L^i = L^{i-1}  \bullet L \text{ for all } I >0$$

The order of a language $L$ is defined as the smallest $k$ such that $L^k = L^{k+1}$. Consider the language $L_1$ (over alphabet O) accepted by the following automaton.

The order of $L_1$ is ____

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Is it $2$?

L= eps + 0(00)*

L2 = 0*

L3 = L2.L = 0*.(eps+0(00)*) = 0*

since, L2=L3

order = 2

Can order be zero?

See this...

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$L_1=\{\epsilon +0(00)^*\}$

Now that is given language L,  we have find order of it.


$L^1 =L^0.L=\{\epsilon \}.\{\epsilon +0(00)^*\}=\{\epsilon+0(00)^*\}$







Order of L is 2 such that $L^2=L^{2+1}$
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What does order mean ?

@Praveen Sir plz explain..
They have defined a new terminology "Order of a language" in the question itself.

Order is nothing but smallest value of k 

Which is aldready given in the question 

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$L^3_{1} = L^2_{1}.L_{1} =  0^* \bigcup \{\epsilon, 0, 000, 00000,.....\} = 0^*$


So, $k$ = Order of $L_{1} = 2$.
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L={ϵ+0(00)*} (i.e Odd Number of zero)

L^2= L*L= {ϵ+0(00)*} * {ϵ+0(00)*} = {ϵ+0(00)*+0(00)*0(00)*}

  • Here   0(00)* = odd number of zero
  • 0(00)*0(00)*= even number of zero
  • ϵ+0(00)*+0(00)*0(00)*= Even 0's+Odd 0's which is equal to 0*

so L^2=0*

L^3= L^2*L= {0*}{ϵ+0(00)*}=0*

L^2= L^(2+1)  (Given L^k=L^(k+1) i.e Order)

so the Order is 2



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