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Let $A$ be the square matrix of size $n \times n$. Consider the following pseudocode. What is the expected output?

for i=1 to n do
    for j=1 to n do
        Temp = A[i][j]+C;
        A[i][j] = A[j][i];
        A[j][i] = Temp -C;
for i=1 to n do
    for j=1 to n do 
        output (A[i][j]);
  1. The matrix $A$ itself
  2. Transpose of the matrix $A$
  3. Adding $100$ to the upper diagonal elements and subtracting $100$ from lower diagonal elements of $A$
  4. None of the above
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  1. swap symmetric off-diagonal elements
  2. Perform step $1$ for all elements one-after-another
  3. We will get the same matrix

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In the computation of given pseudo code for each row and column of Matrix $A$, each upper triangular element will be interchanged by its mirror image in the lower triangular and after that the same lower triangular element will be again re-interchanged by its mirror image in the upper triangular, resulting the final computed Matrix $A$ same as input Matrix $A$.

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But when upper triangular matrix is changed then how the lower triangular matrix get the value of previous upper triangular matrix.
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Take a small matrix

1  2

3  4

now trace the iteration

i=1,j=1 //no change in matrix cz a[i,j]=a[j,i]

i=1,j=2 // resultant matrix

1  3

2 4

i=2,j=1 //resultant matrix

1  2

3 4

i=2,j=2 //no change in matrix cz a[i,j]=a[j,i]

we get the original matrix as it is So, Option A is Ans.
crystal clear explanation @RAJESh
Thank U @Rajesh
What is the need of C in d question??why don't v add?
perfect explanation
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take a small matrix
[a b]

[c d]

it will give
[a c

b+100 d]
for first row iterated

[a b + 100 -100
c d]
for second row iterated.
hence answer A.
I think first row iteration is wrong as it never store added value 100 in matrix.

plz see the code.

Aspi R Osa again check that logic . u can see that u r wrong.

what is the significance of last for loop in the question?
To print the rows of the Matrix.
It given transpose of the matrix i dont get the answer A pls perform i=2 and j=1 it doesn't swap the elements
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Let  be a small matrix.
For first row iteration, it get swapped and becomes 
For second row iteration, it comes to the original position
So, it is the same matrix A.


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