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"In spite of being warned repeatedly, he failed to correct his _________ behaviour ."

The word that best fills the blank in the above sentence is

  1. rational
  2. reasonable
  3. errant
  4. good
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C is the answer


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In spite of being warned $\implies$ he was warned for $\ldots$

Warning is given for bad behaviour. Only suitable option is "errant". Other three options are positive words.

Correct Option: C
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Ans is C) errant
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errant is the most suitable word in this question

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Ans is : C

errant behaviour->unacceptable behaviour
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this question is based on concept of Parallelism

inspite of shows contrastness  if one sentence contain  is positive word then another have negative word

warning            errant  behaviour

we can also elimimnate a b d  because they shows good behaviour

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