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One of the purposes of using intermediate code in compilers is to

  1. make parsing and semantic analysis simpler.
  2. improve error recovery and error reporting.
  3. increase the chances of reusing the machine-independent code optimizer in other compilers.
  4. improve the register allocation.
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C. that is the actual use of intermediate code generator in a compiler.
answered by Boss (19.9k points)
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relocattable address is also a factor???
What does it mean by "code optimizer in other compilers." in question
it mean front end of that compiler can be used with back end of other compiler where we can also perform code optimization and code generation for actual code geeration
when we generate intermediate code it is independent of machine so we can easily implement the same code in different machines without performing the analysis phase of compiler again and again.
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Intermediate code is machine independent code which makes it easy to retarget the compiler
to generate code for newer and different processors.
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Ans: C  intermediate code enhance the portability
answered by Loyal (7.9k points)

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