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Consider Grammar G with the following characteristic-

$A → ax$, where $A ∈ V$$a ∈ T$, $x ∈ V^*$, and any pair $( A, a )$ occurs at most once in $P$. For example, $S → aA \mid aB...,$ is not a grammar of type $G$ because the pair $(S,a)$ occur in two productions. Which of the following is proportional to the effort required to parse a string w belonging to $L(G)$ ?

  1. $\mid w \mid^3$
  2. $\mid w \mid$
  3. $2^{\mid w \mid}$
  4. Not a function of $\mid w \mid$ alone.
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As any (A,a) pair occurs only once... we can reduce any variable to terminal at each step. So parsing this type of grammar will require effort equal to length of string.

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Hope this helps. 

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