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Help me out, provide valid arguments. Thanks


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I think 1,2,4 are correct

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i think  answer 1,3,4 are correct because

1.packet switching is more efficient then circuit switching for traffic that arrive in bursts because  when the large no of packet send by the sender in the packet switching then packets may follow different path which lead to lower the traffic .

2. in packet switching ,packets may follow the different path that path may be long or small so is it does not guarantee that it lower the and to end delay.

3 in circuit switching all packets follow the same path  and all the packets reaches to the sender  through the same path so it lower variation in end to end delay between the packets

4 circuit switching is used in telephone network because it reserve the resources for the user who is using making a call (phone call )
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Circuit switching would be more suitable for a large amount of data, as it will provide reliability and won't have the overhead of packet header on every packet generated and will also avoid the overhead of packet reordering in case of packet switching.

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