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$\text{If Direct Broadcast Address of subnet is}$ $$.

$\text{Which of the following is subnet mask?}$

  1. $$

  2. $$

  3. $$

  4. $\text{None Of the Above}$

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Answer will be A) $$
the subnet part of IP address for DBA has all 1's so the 31 in last octet specifies that the subnet part of IP address is 5 bits long so subnet mask for that should be so i beleive option D

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$\text{Directed Broadcast Address (DBA):}$

When a host in a network wants to send some data to all the hosts in some other network.

By seeing we understand that the given DBA belongs to a class C IP address and the default subnet mak of class C ip address is $$

Now, in DBA's, there will be all $1's$ in Host ID part.

$ = 201.15.00010000.00011111$

So we can conclude that the last $5$ bits are host bits. 

∴ in the subnet mask , there will be $\color{red}{27} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ Or $\color{red}{28} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ Or $\color{red}{29} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ Or $\color{red}{30} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ Or $\color{red}{31} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ 

The possible subnet masks are :

$\color{red}{27} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ $$ $$ Network ID : $$
$\color{red}{28} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ $$ $$ Network ID : $$
$\color{red}{29} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ $$ $$ Network ID : $$
$\color{red}{30} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ $$ $$ Network ID : $$
$\color{red}{31} \hspace{0.1cm}1's$ $$ $$ Network ID : $$

$\color{blue}{32} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ isn't possible , as when the subnet is having $\color{blue}{32} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$, then the subnet will be $$, but DBA is $$, so subnetting must be done & the subnet will be having at most $\color{red}{31} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ and at least $\color{red}{27} \hspace{0.1cm} 1's$ .

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Yes this seems correct.
I also think the wording of question should have been "can be " instead of "is"

Thank you.I think this is best ans to me.


Yeah Rameesh, the qs must be what can be the subnet mask for the above DBA?

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option a is right

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What the fucking solution is this???? Though the answer is ryt, but solution is absolutely wrong.
Can You Plzz tell Me, How You take 4 bit for host ...?
0 votes =  => MSB 24 bits for Network + 4 bits form host octet is Subnet = Total 28 bits Fixed .

 with remaining 4 bits from host octet we can form 24 = 16 IP or 14 Host practically => means each subnet have 16 Host.

Starting Form  -- 0000 To 1111 [ - ] in 1st subnet [each subnet have 16 Host] 0000 To 1111 [ - ] in 2nd subnet ... like wise

This clearly state if is a DBA then subnet mask would be minimum, and maximum, on

This question could have multiple answer but  from option only on match possible.

Final Answer (A)

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