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Station A is assigned with IP address $$. Find out the following details regarding this IP?

  1. No. of Subnet possible on this Network
  2. No. of host possible on each subnet
  3. Which Subnet this network is on
  4. Range  of address on that subnet
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What is Subnet mask ????
Since netmask isn't given, it is classful addressing. It falls in Class B. Thus last two octets can be used for subnetting.

The first question is incomplete.

But it is actually given somewhere, Let us assume it is classful classification.

Then, given IP belongs to class B.

Generally, In class B,   Network id = 16 bit, host id = 16 bit ( without any subnetting)

a) Then maximum possible subnet is  ( 2 ^ 16) and each subnet has its only one Host. and the minimum is 1 which has (2^ 16), host.

b) Possible host in each subnet in range of ( 1 to 2^16)

c) 171. 150. 0.0

I try to give an answer as much as possible.

If anything wrong after taking an assumption, comment below.............!

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