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Is it Possible that any SDT can be L-attributed and S-attributed both in the same question?

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If a SDT is S-attributed, it definitely is L-attributed but the reverse is not true
But if options are:-

a) S-attributed

b) L-attributed

c) Both.

d) None

then which is the right answer?
If there are only synthesized attributes, answer will be both. If there are both synthesized and inherited attribs, ans would be L-attrib. Else, none

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S-attribute : it uses synthsized attribute .

L-attribure ; it uses both synthesized attributes as well as inherited attributes.

in this example it is S-attribute as well as L-attribure hence option c is true.

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You can see the Venn diagram 

If SDT is S-attributed, it is definitely L-attributed but if it is L attributed then it may or may not be S attributed 

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yes , it is possible that any sdt can have both L-attributed and S-attributed.

since L-attributed sdt uses only synthesized attributes but L-attributed sdt uses both synthesized and inherited both.
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