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Consider the different activities related to email.

  • $m1$: Send an email from mail client to mail server
  • $m2$: Download an email from mailbox server to a mail client
  • $m3$: Checking email in a web browser

Which is the application level protocol used in each activity?

  1. $m1$: HTTP  $m2$: SMTP  $m3$: POP
  2. $m1$: SMTP  $m2$: FTP    $m3$: HTTP
  3. $m1$: SMTP  $m2$: POP   $m3$: HTTP
  4. $m1$: POP    $m2$: SMTP $m3$: IMAP
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SMTP  is a $push$ protocol used between the sender and sender's mail server.
POP is a $pull$ protocol used between receiver and the receiver's system.
HTTP is a $request-response$ protocol used mainly to access data on the world wide web.

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Answer is (C)

Sender/Client send mail from client mailbox to server mail box with the help of SMTP protocol whereas Receiver or Server retrieve the mail from its mail box to reading using POP3 protocol.

When we want to take the help process to see email in browser in that case we HTTP.Because It creates beautiful page of mailbox with the help of process.

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Sending an email -  User  agent

 Message transfer agent -SMTP

 Downloading an email from mail box - POP

 Checking email in a web browser - HTTP

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Client mail box to server = HTTP and SMTP( push protocol)

Downlode mail boc from server = POP and IMAP (Pull protocol)

Check in Browser = HTTP 

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ans c)
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