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A company needs to develop a strategy for software product development for which it has a choice of two programming languages L1 and L2. The number lines of code (LOC) developed using L2 is estimated to be twice of the LOC developed with L1. The product will have to be maintained for five years. Various parameters for the company are given in the table below.

Parameter Language L1 Language L2
Man years needed for development LOC/10000 LOC/10000
Development Cost per man year र 10, 00, 000  7, 50, 000
Maintenance Time 5 years 5 years
Cost of maintenance per year  1,00,000  50, 000

Total cost of the project includes cost of development and maintenance. What is the LOC for L1 for which of the cost of the project using L1 is equal to the cost of the project using L2?

  1. 4000
  2. 5000
  3. 4333
  4. 4667
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Answer: B

Let L1 = x and L2 = 2x

Then, (x*1000000)/10000 + 5*100000 = (2x*750000)/10000 + 5*50000
=> x*100 + 5*100000 = 2x*75 + 5*50000
=> 50x = 250000
=> x = 5000


In which section of software engineering can I find this formula?
Cocomo Model

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