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A company needs to develop a digital signal processing software for one of its newest inventions. The software is expected to have 40000 lines of code. The company needs to determine the effort in person-months needed to develop this software using the basic COCOMO model. The multiplicative factor for this model is given as 2.8 for the software development on embedded systems, while the exponentiation factor is given as 1.20. What is the estimated effort in person-months?

  1. 234.25
  2. 932.50
  3. 287.80
  4. 122.40
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kLOC = 40000/1000 = 40

Effort Applied (E) = 2.8(40)^1.2 person-months ]

                            = 234.22

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Please tell me how to solve the exponential part i.e  2.8(40) 1.2.tell me trick

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