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$\textbf{VPN}$ Works at which layer?

  1. Application layer
  2. Transport layer
  3. Network layer
  4. Data-link layer
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3 network layer
Why not the application or data link layer?

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$\underline{\textit{Application layer VPN's}}$

This type of VPN will work with specific applications. The most common example of this type of VPN network is seen over the SSL connections that people use to purchase items online every day. The Application layer VPN provides encrypted communication between the web browser that the visitor is using to view the item and the server that is used to process the order. There are other applications that can be protected in this way, as well. This type of VPN security requires that each different application be supported.

$\underline{\textit{Network layer VPN's}}$

A $\textit{Network layer}$ VPN functions on layer 3. Unlike Application layer VPN security, Network layer VPN security will encrypt any traffic, regardless of the different applications being used. This type of VPN is used by some of the most well-known names in Internet security. For example, Cisco uses this layer for VPNs. These VPN servers are sometimes provided under the names L2TP and GRE.

$\underline{\textit{Data Link VPN's}}$

$\textit{Data Link VPN}$ is used when two private networks need to communicate. It is one of the most expensive types of VPN connection. Normally, the protocol used over these connections does not provide encryption, so encryption needs to be added to the connection.

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VPN or Virtual Private Network creates a network that is private but virtual. It is private because it guarantees privacy inside the organisation.

Now, VPN technology uses IPSec in the tunnel mode to provide authentication, Integrity, and Privacy.

IPSec or the IP Security Protocol, provides security at the network layer.

So, $\text{VPN}$ is also works at $\text{Network Layer}$.
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source for the answer?
IPSec protocol work at which layer? transport? network? application?

 hacker16, IPSec Protocol works at Network layer.


 smsubham, source$\rightarrow$ Kurose-Ross

I'm giving a separate answer for this.

Actually there are 3 types of VPN's

1. Network Layer VPN's 2. Application Layer VPN's 3. Data-Link Layer VPN's
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It's Network layer. VPN is used when a hosting site isn't able to locate the IP address of the user and so one can send the public data safely using VPN. Hence it deals with network layer
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