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Which one of the following circuits is NOT equivalent to a $2$-input $XNOR$ (exclusive $NOR$) gate?

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A) $(AB'+A'B)'=A\odot B$

B) $(A'(B')'+(A')'B')'=(A\oplus B)'=A\odot B$

C) $A'B'+(A')'B=A\odot B$

D) $((AB')'.(A+B'))'=(AB')+(A+B')'=AB'+A'B=A\oplus B$

So, Answer is D)
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$((A.B')'.(A+B'))' = A.B' + (A+B')' = A.B' + A'.B = A \oplus B$

I think this should be the expression.  Please re-check your option D)
@ srestha
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All options except D produce XNOR. See following image (Source:




Source :GeeksforGeeks
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Correction : All options except D produce XNOR.

Corrected, thank you.
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ans d)
answered by Loyal (5.2k points)

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