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A max-heap is a heap where the value of each parent is greater than or equal to the value of its children. Which of the following is a max-heap?



(C)    .   


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in option (A) - it is not a max heap because it is not complete binary tree .

in option (C) - it is complete binary tree but not follow the max heap property i.e. the values of parent nodes always greater then child nodes

and  there node of value $5$ is less then on e of its children.

in option (D) - similar to above (C) option explanation here node of value $2$ is less then to the value $4$ .

correct option is (B) that is satisfy both properties and all of the max heap .

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Without filling previous level completely we can not go to next level in heap, that is why a is wrong as it is not following the heap structure property.
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heap is complete binary tree . so it is filled from top to bottom. left to right. option b is correct.

in option a even if all parents are greater , it does not follow heap structure
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