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In the _______method , after the station finds the line idle , it sends or refrains from sending based on probability


b)One -Persistent

c) P-Persistent

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1 Answer

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One -Persistent

  • In this method, a station that wants to transmit data continuously senses the channel to check whether the channel is idle or busy.

  • If the channel is busy, the station waits until it becomes idle.

  • When the station detects an idle-channel, it immediately transmits the frame with probability 1. Hence it is called I-persistent CSMA.

  • This method has the highest chance of collision because two or more stations may find the channel to be idle at the same time and transmit their frames.

  • When the collision occurs, the stations wait a random amount of time and start all over again.

answered by Loyal (9.3k points)

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