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Do someone have any idea upto what rank we should  fill  BITS MTECH  CSE THROUGH GATE ??

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It would be safe to apply for BITS HD also if your rank is beyond AIR 1000. This is the first time that BITS is taking candidates through GATE score. Also keep in mind that number of seats is very less (50 approx)
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@Sayan I dont have good GATE rank. So, if i apply in both modes would it hamper my selection even if i do good in BITSHD. I am worried as I dont want my gate rank to negatively impact my chances, assuming I do good in BITSHD.
Also, how do you know there are only 50 seats for cse?
If you score well in BITS HD , obviously you would get selected. As per current batch , total CS seats in 3 campus - approx 70. 55% increase 70+38=108 . 50% through BITS HD , hence roughly 55 seats through BITS HD
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