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Q) What is the output of the following C Program fragment


int main()


int a = 4, b = 3;


return 0;



A) 7      B) 8             C) 9               D) Error
asked in Programming by Boss (26.9k points) | 168 views

2 Answers

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If there is no space between the post increment and preincrement operators, then there will be an error. Else it will run as usual 

answered by Loyal (5.2k points)

Please see the source of question

@Sayan Bose,While executing the code the error which popped up was
"lvalue" required.
Yes if all the + are written one after the other(without any space) then compilation error is "Lvalue required" but I am not able to understand what a+++++b implies i.e. whether it has any significant meaning in programming.
@Sayan Bose,A slight modification. The code will work fine in the following manner:-


Parentheses set a priority. Executing this way the answer is 8.
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OPTION: B is correct.

The output of this program will be 8 as the unary increment operator works right to left so in the statement a+++++b it will first increment b to 4 and will then perform addition and after that will update a.


Initially, a=4, b=3;

in a++ + ++b, b will be 4 and a will remain 4, so addition will be 4+4=8. So the output will be 8.

After printf the value of a will become 5.
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