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Considering the following table in a relational database

Last Name Rank Room Shift
Smith Manger 234 Morning
Jones Custodian 33 Afternoon
Smith Custodian 33 Evening
Doe Clerical 222 Morning

According to the data shown in the table, which of the following could be a candidate key of the table?

  1. {Last Name}
  2. {Room}
  3. {Shift}
  4. {Room, Shift}
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3 Answers

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Candidate key:- must be able to uniquely determine every other attribute. i.e., whenever a candidate key value is repeated, all other values must repeat or in a set, candidate key cannot be repeated.


a:- Last Name cannot be key as smith value are repeated.

b.Room:- 33 value is repeated

c.shift:- morning repeated

d. Composite key Room+shift => Every tuple is now unique





so Option D is right
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option D is correct. room, shift is a set of column that uniquely identify the database record.
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Option D is correct as we cannot make only room as candidate key it may lead to ambiguity.
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