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Hi , I am working in wipro since  18 months for now.  I appeared for GATE without preparation in 2016 and 2018 and couldn't even qualify . Needless to say , I hate my job and would want to pursue an M tech from a reputed IIT to make  up for the mistakes that I made in my B.E  . I am not very sure if I should leave my job or prepare alongside  , I have asked a lot of people and have got mixed reviews. TBH I get a lot of free time at my job  , I get two week offs and have to work on weekends on which no one is present in the office and if I want  I can study the entire time.  Even on the remaining working days  , I can easily study  for  4-5 hours in the office itself  [no books or video lectures  though  , only reading online] because I don't have enough work.  

 But I am not sure if I can self study and even if I can I am not sure how to. I get scared thinking only 9 months are left  for GATE 2019   I can't join a coaching because I have to work in shifts as well as on weekends and I don't like lectures by ******** babu ****** as they  are too slow paced  .  I tried reading  standard  books and watching lectures for the same on youtube but it takes me atleast     60-70 hours to complete  a single  subject  [even more at times ]  .  I find myself  jumping between books and multiple sources and I get demotivated and scared  as this is my last chance  .  I have been trying to self prepare for the last  one month and to be honest I am not very sure or confident about my preparation. I don't know if it possible  , guys who are in similar condition like me  , what is your strategy  , what are your plans  ?  What sources  do you use  ? What is your time table  ?

Do you have any suggestions for me , I know there are many users on this website  who have gone through  similar conditions like me and I guess Icould use a little help  .


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If you are finding trouble reading books,then join some online coaching.Make fast decision so that you can complete syllabus at time and have enough time for test and revision
For slow video lectures, you can watch them at 1.25x or 1.5x and forward unimportant part. Related to with job preparation or without job preparation, you should see yourself that how much you already know about the subjects asked in GATE. If you have sound prior knowledge, but not deep enough, I think you can pull it off with job. If you are pointless about(most of) the subjects then probably without job will work. Considering you didn't even qualify this year, it seems like you don't have sound knowledge of the subjects. Eventually, the decision should be yours and must be based on where you heart and interest lies. If you Google out "GATE CSE topper preparation with job", you will get advice from the people you are most probably looking from; people who topped being in your condition. Nothing is hard if we keep trying, specially the feats that have already been achieved by people before.
I gave GATE  in 2016 as  well and got around  35 marks  , this year I  didn't remember  anything and  gave gate just for the sake of it.  In the previous month  I have completed most of  C , Data structures  and algorithms along with a little bit of Discrete  , Toc and Digital but there are some subjects that I am completely  unaware  of  .    [ Probabilty and calcus  ,  networks  and compiler design]  but I want t0 be 100 percent  sure this time  because  this is  going to be my last attempt [due to family pressure  and other reasons  ]  .
You have already completed a good chunk of syllabus well in advance. Most of the students who will graduate this session hasn't even started preparing, so you are well ahead of them. Keep this lead maintained. I think you can do it with job, given right level of motivation and dedication every day. Have you tried studying from the content given by GO?
at times  , I liked  the e lectures  by shai simoson  on discrete  but I stopped  watching those after a few lectures because most of those lectures  were not important  as per GAte syllabus


similarly  for algorithms and data structures  I followed selective lectures on 6.006 by MIT and a few from mycodeschool on youtube as and when I found them necessary  [only  for a  few topics  that I found difficulty in understanding  , for the remainng one of them I studied from geekforgeeks and wikipedia]


For  TOC i studied peter linz  for a few chapters but then I found it to be too proof heavy [inductive and constructive proofs for every other thing] that are not needed for GATe so I would be sticking to just solving back exercies and watching video lectures  for few topics that I find difficult  [they are not clearly explained in the handwritten notes that I am following]


For digital I am following the entire book by Morris mano [as only starting six chapters are needed for GATE[] along with a few videos for difficult topics .


The things that I am scared of is are books like galvin ,  forouzan , coremen  etc  that  1000+ page in length and it would take me an entire  year  if I had to read  those books

You should try video lectures mentioned here, in case you haven't already:

I had joined an online course which helped me complete GATE specific syllabus early, so I didn't even touch standard books. That's why I can't really help you in that matter.

what rank did you get ?  did you enroll for any test series  ?  Did you prepare  along with job or while doing your engineering ?
I have messaged you about the details.
@ankit ,could you please tell me which lecture of prof. shai simonson is not important as per gate syllabus. I have watched all the lecture of him and I didn't find any lecture which is not related to gate except complexity theory of algorithms.
I don't mean the entire  lectures  but parts of it  ,  and all those proofs that he gives for things or derivations  


for discrete  he went  too deep in induction  , i doubt that is important  for GATE


and there are other topics as well  , I will have to go through the playlist to point the specifics
Yes,  proof part is not important for gate but instead of stopping at that time ,  u can skip that part if u r not interested in proofs...  All the standard books and videos contain proofs...

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