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I statred my preparation for GATE 2019 very early and i finished almost everything i.e. all the subjects with there previous year gate questions from gateoverflow book and much more right now i am studying standard books and solving excersise.

Thing is when i give test series exam my mind start to panic because of time and my mind doest think in efficient way as it used to do when time constraint is not there i get my question wrong by silly mistake and i know that i can score better if my mind works properly right now my score is 55 to 60% but i can score upto 80% easily,if i dont do those silly things.

I am studying for gate 2019 for now more than 2 years and i want my rank in top 10.

During exam my objective is that i have to solve all 33 questions in 90 min and do all them right due to which i start to panic and start to do silly things and scores goes down.There are very few questions for which i dont know its concept except that i know for all.

What should my objective in my test series ?

How can i do better to score more then 80% becuase i know i can.

Is my above strategy right or what should i follow?
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And this is the first time i am giving the test series.Well yeah some few i also did in gateoverflow and i got a very good rank

You are doing pretty well as you just started giving tests. People generally get much less marks than you in the beginning. But instead of aiming for 80% or such figures, aim for 100% accuracy, i.e., the questions you know must not be answered incorrectly. And skip the questions you don't know in a test, you learn about those questions during evaluation of the test. Just keep giving tests from various sources, more preferably full length tests, and your panic will go away. Remember:

  • Never become complacent, and
  • Practice makes a man perfect.

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