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A 1024-bit message is sent that contains 992 data bits and 32 CRC bits. CRC is com- puted using the IEEE 802 standardized, 32-degree CRC polynomial. For each of the following, explain whether the errors during message transmission will be detected by the receiver:

(a) There was a single-bit error.

(b) There were two isolated bit errors.

(c) There were 18 isolated bit errors.

(d) There were 47 isolated bit errors.

(e) There was a 24-bit long burst error.

(f) There was a 35-bit long burst error.


In the above question can anyone explain for option (c).
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1 Answer

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18 bits error are not detected by CRC 32 because it is even bit error.
answered by Active (3.9k points)
You are correct when the 18 bits are continuous. But they said 18 isolated bit errors. Also I would like some detailed explanation for each scenario.

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