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I know this question has been asked many times, but yeah. I am weak in calculus and linear algebra and have never studied probability properly. Now according to internet suggestions, I should read Kreyzig or BS Grewal, but I will most probably want to attend interviews for MS by research where they may ask deep questions. So my questions, given limited time for GATE 2019 should i watch lectures of Gilbert Strang, Stats 110 and calculus textbook, or should i stick to kreyzig?
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In linear algebra you must watch Gilbert strang. It will make your concept so clear that any sum in linear algebra would seem easy to you.
i  couldn't agree more. But, there is a time constraint and hence I want to ask which book should i read to strengthen my concept. If there was time, I would have seen Stats 110 course too.
In linear algebra I studied from the book written by Gilbert Strang.

I don't know about you but if I had to learn a new thing fast I would have watched the video first and then do the sums and read the book only when I got stuck.

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First read theory regarding all topics in which you have doubt. For that you can use video lectures which are provided by many institute.

Try to solve questions as many as possible. For that the book provided by The GateOverflow is best one. You will help you for not only getting answer but also come to know about various people’s perceptions.

Then the last step is to solve previous gate questions for practise .
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