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Programming test, written test and interviews at IIT Gandhinagar for M Tech admissions for CS students completed on 8th May and results are to be declared on 29th May.

I wanted to know the link for results of previous year so we can get idea about whether results are declared in form of GATE cutoff or performance of candidates only in the interview. Since I was shortlisted after programming and written test but my interview gone terribly wrong.

We can also start a thread on sharing interview experiences by all 72 candidates shortlisted for interviews.

Thank You.
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I was one of the 72 shortlisted candidates and the last person to interviewed(at around 10 pm). So by that time the faculty members were all exhausted and told me that they had emptied all their Questions potli :P. They asked me to introduce myself and asked just 2 questions based on Heap and Binary Tree. My interview lasted for only 5 minutes or so. So I am completely confused as to how my interview went.
I thought I was the only one whose interview lasted very short. And considered it to be a bad experience overall. But now I think it was normal. :)

But I wonder why interviews continued till 10 pm since it started around 3 pm and there were only 24 students in each column? Maybe there was a long break in between.
No, I don't think there were any breaks in between as when I entered the interview room all the faculty members were longing to have something to eat and wanted a break. It was just that there were some interviews that lasted more than 20 minutes also.

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