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piggybacking is full duplex or half duplex transmission protocol??

plz explain !!
asked in Computer Networks by (49 points) | 58 views
In piggybacking you can transmit the data from both ends ,assume sender sends the data ,receiver can also send data along with can't be full duplex because in SWP untill you didn't not get ack or time out you can't send data ,so piggybacking is used for better utilization of channel bandwidth.

One more case when sender sends the data and waiting for ack ,receiver recieve the data and send ack + data but it gets delay somehow and sender gets time out .now sender sending again data and delayed ack+data coming to sender ,in this piggybacking is full duplex.i think piggybacking may be full duplex or half duplex
according to you it is half duplex ??
I don't think so
ok, thanks!!!

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