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convert this to left linear grammar
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$L = \begin{Bmatrix} abbabb, abbaababb, abbaabaababb,.............. \end{Bmatrix}$


$L = \begin{Bmatrix} abba(aba)^*bb \end{Bmatrix}$


$Left \ Linear \ Grammer :$


$S\rightarrow Abb$

$A\rightarrow Aaba/C$

$C\rightarrow abba$
answered by Boss (10k points)
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The left linear grammar corresponding to the given grammar is given below

S ---> Abb

A ---> Aaba | abba
answered by Loyal (8.5k points)
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A $Left Linear$ grammar is a grammar which has at most one non-terminal on right side and is left recursive.

Now considering the set of strings generated by the given grammar:

$ \{ abbabb,abbaababb,.....\} $

By carefully observing the pattern , we notice that the strings always begin with $ab$ and end with $babb$. Using this information We can easily arrive at the grammar:

$S \rightarrow Ababb$

$A \rightarrow ab|Abaa$
answered by Junior (719 points)

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