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Please explain P8 in detail.

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P8 :

a - Non-persistent HTTP connection would open and close connection for each object request made. Therefore, each object transmission would take 2 round trip times(one for TCP connection establishment and another for object transmission). Now, there are 8 objects which take 2RTT each. Making it- 8*2RTT0. Now we add 2RTT0 for the HTML file too. Therefore, the answer comes out to be : 18RTT + RTT+ RTT RTT3 + ..... + RTTn

b - In this part, we can divide 8 objects in 2(TCP connect)*2 RTT0 (5 parallel connections : 5 objects = 1 RTT0 + 3 objects = 1 RTT0 ) . Using the above logic, ans-  6RTT + RTT+ RTT RTT3 + ..... + RTTn

c- Persistent TCP connection makes 1 RTT for connection establishment and 8 RTT0 for object transmission. So,

total time =   11RTT + RTT+ RTT RTT3 + ..... + RTTn

[RTT+ RTT RTT3 + ..... + RTTn is the time for DNS lookup]

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