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asked in Computer Networks by Active (3.4k points) | 80 views
what is the answer ? is it option C?
no,option B is given
did u got that?? Why they gave the option as B

if u didn't i will add answer..
please add your solution

1 Answer

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Given 2 keys and 3 messages you have to convert them into Cipher text.


when you are fixed a key, then all your Cipher messages are different for different messages

means it's a one-to-one function otherwise you can't get your original messages back.

Option A : is false due to while using K2 your m1 and m3 converting into same Cipher key (C2) .

Option D : is false due to while using K2 your m1 and m2 converting into same Cipher key.

Therefor your Answer should be either B or C

but in option C, only 2 messages are ciphering. There is possibility may it False.

Therefore Option B is correct.

answered by Boss (25.6k points)

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