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Identify the language generated by the following grammar:




(A)$\{a^m b^n|n≥m, m>0\}$

(B)$\{a^m b^n|n≥m, m≥0\}$

(C)$\{a^m b^n|n>m, m>0\}$

(D)$\{a^m b^n|n>m, m≥0\}$

I select option C but it is wrong, correct answer is option D.

I could not understand Gradup answer explanation.Please help me to rectify my fault.
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You marked answer C. Which is Quite close to D, Difference is Just that number of $a's$ could also be $0$.

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Language Generated by Variable $A$ is $\left \{ a^mb^m | m\geq 0 \right \}$

Language generated by Variable $B$ is $\left \{ b^k | k> 0 \right \}$

So, Language generated by Variable $S$ will be Concatenation of above languages. Hence, $\left \{ a^mb^mb^k|m\geq 0,k> 0 \right \}$  Which can also be written as $\left \{ a^mb^n|m\geq 0,n>m \right \}$
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We can try to elluminate the option . 

Find the smallest string in grammar and given options.

We get option d is right.

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