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what will be the k Map for-


and the simplified SOP (Sum of Product) for the above the Boolean expression?

Please try to make a k map in this format-

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Problem solve by distributed low....

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Given expression is in POS. 

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given expression 

(P+Q′+R′).(P+Q′+R).(P+Q+R′)  is in pos format moreover every term is a maxterm 

In Maxterm 0 represent variable is in true form and 1 represent variable is in complemented form.

therefore (P+Q′+R′) = (011)2 = 3

(P+Q′+R) = (010)2 = 2

(P+Q+R′) = (001)2 = 1

(P+Q′+R′).(P+Q′+R).(P+Q+R′)  ===> ΠM(1,2,3) ===> in K-Map 1,2,3 cells are should be 0 and there are no don't care terms that means remaining all are filled by 1.

if you want simplified expression in pos format then cover all zeros

if you want simplified expression in sop format then cover all ones 

therefore required expression is P+Q'R'

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