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Q. Find $r_1$ and $r_2$ without using quadratic equation. 

$(235)​​​_{r_1}= (565)_{10}=(1065)_{r_2}$

a) $r_1=16$ &  $r_2=8$

b) $r_1=10$ &  $r_2=16$

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  • Option a is right.
  • from given option  put the value Then it become easy.

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Thank you
in question it is mention that find the value of r1 and r2 without using quadratic eq but u use quadratic equation .any other method to solve this question
Another Approach -
Base 10 $\rightarrow$ Base 16 $\rightarrow$ Base 2 $\rightarrow$ Base 8
you mean binary format?
Yes. By options, we can see that $r_1 \ and \ r_2 $ can be 16 or 8 only.
So conversion from base 10 to base 16 will make everything easy.

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