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Which approach should be followed: Finishing subtopics and giving test series simultaneously or finishing the full syllabus first and then taking the test series, in December-January?

Also, I have heard that Made Easy test series have a lot of errors. Then which one to take?
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I think the first approach is better finish topic by topic instead of completing the whole syllabus cause I did the second method and I can't remember anything currently.

Regarding test-series no test series is perfect just try solving PYQ or tests on GO by Bikram Ballav.

At the time of answering this question I have COA,CN and DL to complete but I guess I will just focus on revision.
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The first approach is far better. I am writing this by experience. I have followed the second approach, and I do not remember a lot now when doing the revision. Revision and taking tests are giving me a tough time, and in exams like GATE, you cannot afford to be in a situation like mine.

At the time of writing, I still have TOC, Compilers, Discrete Maths, and DS and Algorithms left for revision. I am very stressed out. :(

For the ME test series, they do have plenty of errors. Had I known about this earlier, I would have saved my 900+ Rupees.
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